Sensor Heads

The rugged 316 stainless steel sensors used with the OptoSniff system were designed during and after extensive field trials in hostile environments such as landfill sites. As such, they are highly resistant to environmental changes and demonstrate excellent stability when subjected to temperature changes etc. They are also resistant to humidity and the sensors show full recovery after submersion in water.

We currently offer two designs and sensor selection is dependent on your particular application.

Industrial Sensor

The tubular industrial sensor is intended for use in demanding environments such as mines and utility tunnels and as such, the unit is physically robust to withstand impacts. It also incorporates a 30cm long stainless steel mesh tube and is protected by a stainless steel water shield.

The unit is connected to the OptoSniff system via its integral junction box which houses the SC/APC fibre connections between the sensor and fibre optic network. The connections are accessed via the junction box access panel allowing rapid swap out for maintenance or replacement purposes.

Armadillo Sensor

An alternative design to the tunnel sensor is our Armadillo sensor variant. This compact sensor offers different fixing and placement options while still delivering excellent gas detection performance.